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The Bescatloni "Anti-Agile" Principle

In an increasingly fast-paced environment, there is a cult of "getting started". Everyone wants to get started, but once they start running, they quickly realise that it would have been a good idea to look where they are actually going. Your experiences have motivated us to specialise in a different direction - discovering solutions where other teams have stalled. Since our debut in 2016, DLT Software has established itself as a one-stop shop for architecting Tier-1 software using our proprietary, in-house Bescatloni Principle.

Smarter Development

Planning is half the battle.

  • Find out what you need.
  • Find out how to get there.
  • Get it done.

Experience Design

Today's customers demand more than ever. Deliver it to them.

  • Web Development
  • Android/iOS Development
  • UX/UI

Smart Contracts Design

A uniquely experienced team in the specific niche of blockchain development and smart contracts design.

  • A small river named Duden
  • Place and supplie
  • Roasted parts of sentences

Let's Work Together

Technologies we use: C++, Java, JavaScript, Node, React, HTML/CSS, Smart Contracts for the Ethereum Virtual Machine and similar VMs.